Standing for Something - Inaugural Post

Standing for Something - Inaugural Post

Our bodies weren’t meant to sit for 8-10 hours a day. The simple fact is, we sit too much. We sit when we work in the office, we sit when we commute, we sit when we watch TV.

What to do?

Sit less!

We’ve known for years that daily exercise is key to maintaining good health (and our sanity!) - but all of that sitting takes a toll too.

You know what else? Sitting sucks. I don’t know about you, but I certainly get restless after plopping on my backside for too long. My body will scream out - what are you doing?! Get up! Its a natural response.

Let’s all sit less, and have the freedom to stand, or sit - as needed.

Stand Modern exists to offer modern high quality adjustable standing desks and accessories that increase your productivity, and happiness, while working, by giving you the option to stand or sit.

We want to see every office, whether home, corporate, education, government, wherever, to have adjustable standing desks!

Join us, and the countless others, in a standing revolution!

Stand Modern - The freedom to sit or stand while working.

(photo credit: danorbit)