Overview of Standing Desk Pros and Cons

Overview of Standing Desk Pros and Cons

Like anything we use daily and in particular in the office environment, there are certainly going to be pros and cons associated with it. Standing desks have many pros and benefits, in addition to these there are a few cons to be aware of and consider.

You will find these are pretty common across most standing desk converts. To that end, each of our bodies are unique and different, so your experience may be different. If it is, by all means, please leave a comment with your experience!

Standing Desk Pros

Renewed Energy / Vitality - An increasing feeling of energy and vitality. There is a sense of freedom and appreciation when you can stand throughout the day instead of having to sit full time. People that switch to a standing desk are enamored by this and it boosts morale indefinitely.

Reduced Restlessness / Distraction - When you go from sitting a long period to standing and working on same tasks, it is a pleasant signal to the body that you are giving yourself freedom to stand. You can work for longer stretches with focus. If what you do requires attention to detail this is a great benefit.

Health Boost - The research is in and we now know sitting as often as we commonly do is not good for our overall life and health. Standing while working is an answer to this. Rotating from sitting to standing throughout the work day allows your body’s circulation to function more efficiently and muscles to rejuvenate.

Productivity Increase - Because you are giving your body a chance to move and relax. Office environments that install sit stand workstations see morale and productivity increases.

Standing Desk Cons

Change in Tradition - Sitting all day isn’t the answer, and hasn’t been in the past and won’t be in the future. But most offices are still relatively traditional in the sense that someone might receive some pushback on requesting a standing desk. No worries though, this won’t last forever as standing desks are being readily accepted as common sense and beneficial.

Cost - The cost to replace or modify furniture can be costly. Standing desks may require either a full desk replacement if you were going with a full standing desk, or an add on to your existing desk or table called a standing desk converter. There are extreme budget options, but we don’t recommend going long term with a shipping box if you can help it. But standing periodically throughout the day is still better than sitting full time!

Wrong Type Chosen - One thing to note, standing all day isn’t necessarily a better option than sitting all day. A common complaint for people that get and install or make a full time fixed height standing desk is they tire from standing all day. This isn’t what is recommended. Sitting and standing throughout the day is recommended so as long as your desk is adjustable you are good to go.


The best part of having an adjustable height desk is the flexibility to either sit or stand throughout the work day. No longer is sitting the only option. This allows you to rotate when you feel like it to a standing position, or when ready to sit, changing to the sitting position, guilt free.

Knowing that you are doing positive action for your health, and increasing your productivity while working and providing greater quality output, it is a win win for all.

Businesses can budget and plan for implementing sit stand desks into their environment over time as needed. Doing this will allow the team to get the benefits, while reducing the cons which are mostly comprised of perhaps not being introduced to the variety of options that exist for every budget and every office scenario.

(photo credit:  alextorrenegra)