Office Productivity: Increasing Workplace Productivity

Office Productivity: Increasing Workplace Productivity

An ideal office environment is a group of like-minded people working together to create a productive and efficient workplace. In reality, it is difficult to coordinate or control how each day goes because it is impossible to find a group of people who all have the same goals at the same time. During any one day one person may be in a bad mood, another ill, still another too busy socializing on Facebook to focus on work at all.

With all of the distractions that come naturally with the workplace, there are still some ways to increase office productivity in order to make things run more smoothly during the work day.

Stay Organized

One of the easiest ways to increase productivity is to organize your office space. Designate a spot for different supplies and they will be easier to find when you need them. If you have to maintain the office create a duty list that can be shared among the office workers. In this way the area stays both clean and organized.

Increase Office Focus

It is hard to be productive when your attention is being pulled in many different directions. I-phones and other technological devices make great places to find information or make important phone calls but can be distracting if they are used to check Facebook or play on Angry Birds. Keeping the devices put up during regular work hours will keep workers focused on the tasks that need to be done in the office. Encouraging employees to follow a regular sleep schedule and have a healthy breakfast before coming in to work will also help to increase focus in the office.

Maintain a Healthy Workplace

While it isn't possible to control the lifestyle choices of everyone who works in your office, you can help encourage employees to follow healthy eating and exercise schedules by providing them an example. Exercise on a regular basis and eat foods that promote energy. Avoid the energy drinks and caffeine supplements that will leave you crashing hard. Start a fitness regiment for your office friends and make it a habit to start each day with a healthy stretch. If your office work involves a lot of time sitting behind a computer, take regular breaks to flex under-used muscles. You will find that with more natural energy your productivity levels will raise exponentially. Use ergonomically designed keyboards and chairs to decrease symptoms such as numbness and tingling that comes from sitting in one position too long.

(photo credit: Improve It)