Different Types of Standing Desks Explained

Different Types of Standing Desks Explained

Choosing a standing deskWhat are all of the different types of standing desks? It seems that there is no end to the amount of options, and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which one might be the best for you. The good thing is, overall, the types and styles are rather simple and easy to understand. Let's dive in to discover the various styles.

Static / Fixed Stand Only Desk

This is a usually built-in standard height and always at a standing height. This could be a countertop, custom built fixed height desk, etc.

Adjustable (Mostly Fixed) - Set It and Forget It Desk

An adjustable “set it and forget it” desk is adjustable, however, once adjusted you typically don’t re-adjust it much, at least without much effort. An adjustable drafting table would fit into this category.

Adjustable - Mechanical / Hand-Crank Standing Desk

A mechanical, or hand-crank style adjustable height desk is just that, manual, and adjustable - just without an electric motor. It is possible also to find models of  counterbalanced standing desks that are counterbalanced and adjusts with a lever. This is similar to the hand crank styles, but uses internal mechanisms to lift up or down with the touch of a lever. This is often a decent option for a lower cost standing desk, or where an electrical outlet may be limited.

Adjustable - Electric / On-Demand Standing Desk

Electric height adjustable desks have an electric lift, that with the push of a button, the desk can adjust to your desired height. These are higher cost than the previous options typically, however, do give you the convenience to adjust the desk up and down on-demand. Some height adjustment panels come with presets that can be adjusted to different heights.

Adjustable - Standing Desk Converter

One of the more economical ideas to get into standing desks right away is with a standing desk converter. If you have an existing desk or table top that you can use this might be a good idea. As well, many office environments aren’t ready or can’t replace their existing desks or cubicles so placing what is called a desktop standing desk converter on the table surface it will give you the same adjustable height benefits. 

To Wrap Up

As you can see, there are several different choices when it comes to standing desks. Some are simpler than others for moderate needs, and others are more robust for more specific requirements. Either way, rotating from sitting to standing throughout the day will benefit you no matter what! To get started, pick the type that fits your office environment and budget the best. You will notice a greater sense of wellness and productivity, while your body benefits as well.

(image courtesy: jagbirlehl)