Buy Your Standing Desk Before The New Year for Tax Deduction

Buy Your Standing Desk Before The New Year for Tax Deduction

The end of the year is here. Are you still using that cardboard box to lift up your monitor or laptop as a make-shift desk? Hey no worries, we've all been there.

If you've been eyeing a standing desk, now is the time to buy before the New Year officially arrives. Take advantage of your business tax deduction on equipment purchases. Of course, we aren't giving tax advice, and you should double check with your accountant, but order before the end of the year and we will be sure to send you an email right after your purchase so you have an email invoice.

Looking for a couple of ideas?

Full Standing Desks

Looking for a full height adjustable desk setup? This is perfect if you don't have an existing top you wanted to use, and are looking for a rock solid stand up desk.

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Standing Desk Converters

Have an existing desk that you'd like to very easily convert into a standing desk setup? This is for you. Super simple to setup and flexible. Its a great way to save money as well, and keep your beautiful existing desk.

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Standing Desk Base Frame

Have a little craftiness in you? Or just have an existing desk table top that you'd like to use? A good way to save a few dollars is to buy just the base frame, standing desk. We have a couple of options, but they are sure to delight.

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Here's To Your Health and Productivity In the New Year

Best wishes to you and yours in the New Year! If you can't make your purchase today, we understand, we will still be here in the new year, and continue expanding and adding more options than before.

Regardless, make an effort to move more in the new year. Stand as often as possible, and take walking breaks. Here's to your health and productivity in the new year!